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SERVICES page | Engage Psychiatric, San Francisco and Pasadena

Around two thirds of my clients have met their goals – and live without side effects.

        There is always a fresh solution.

                We don’t pause at good enough.


Diagnostic Evaluations

  • Your complete medical, personal, and family history comprises myriad complex data, filtered through your perspective. The biopsychosocial interpretation and analysis of this data to an individualized treatment plan happens during your 90-minute initial assessment – a plan that synthesizes biology and medicine, your habits and desires for improvement in wellness, and psychology – while considering your values, motivation, and preferences.

  • I think dimensionally – while I consider diagnoses, syndromes, and heuristics, I am more interested in spectrums – and how a unique history and symptom clusters appear for individuals as many details are considered, how those clusters collide, intersect, and direct – which salient priorities rise above all and announce themselves – and what that tells me about the circuitry that underwrites your unique domain.

  • I’m interested in your signature, your blueprint – and a comprehensive plan to help you align with the results you envision.


Integrative Management –

Psychopharmacology and More

  • Traditional and/or a natural approach

    • Psychopharmacology – traditional medicines, including custom-compounded ketamine and cutting-edge off-label strategies. I use the full range of product on the market, not just a few favorites

    • Evidence-based integrative care – nutrients, herbals, and more

    • Flexible appointment durations of 25, 50 minutes, or more, to suit your needs

  • Laboratory analysis – hormonal, inflammatory, and nutritional markers – optimization helps the body to heal, and medicine to work optimally

  • Genetic testing through Tempus – the only psychiatry/neurology panel featuring whole exome sequencing – and genotype translated to phenotype using national CPIC standards. Tempus increases real-world utility of data gathered from SNPs

  • Education on mental health and physical medicine, from a biopsychosocial  and root cause perspective

  • Improvement of sleep, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and substance use influences our biological strategies, and your health outcomes

  • Collaborations – I have talented collaborators in many areas of psychotherapy, functional medicine and naturopathy, and medical specialties areas to meet opportunities that may arise during the course of our work


Second Opinion Consultations

  • Consultative evaluations are designed to give you and your current provider a comprehensive reassessment of diagnoses and treatment options. Having worked with thousands of clients over time, people with diverse symptoms expressions, demographics, and courses of illness, I can expertly analyze, evaluate, and formulate a diagnostic perspective and treatment options.

  • A consultation provides a different lens and a fresh take on your case, so you and your provider can work forward with new ideas

In addition to focal specialty areas including mood, anxiety, ADHD, sleep, and trauma, I enjoy working with:

  • “Treatment resistant" illness: translate that simply to something missed: a diagnosis, biologic marker, medical illness, lack of optimization in treatment, or an opportunity.

  • Moderation of alcohol, marijuana, or food – including binge eating

  • Supported medication tapers – antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines

  • Comorbid medical illness – viral infections, metabolic, autoimmune, cancer, pain, EDS POTS and MCAS, and more. I understand your diagnosis, treatment, and struggle

Service, value, and convenience

  • Each client benefits from convenient and flexibly scheduled time together
          Including evening services, and some weekends by appointment

  • Between-visit access by email and phone – satisfying communications

  • Auxilliary services including refills, formal referrals, collaboration if needed with your therapist primary care and specialists, referrals to residential services or hospitalization, all handled seamlessly for you between appointments

  • I value the input of your family and friends, who are welcome in session or conversation

  • I actively study, consult and publish; new knowledge and fresh ideas benefit your case

  • I retain three expert consultants for the practice to provide ongoing education, and review on your case

A broad knowledgebase and toolkit, the experience of treating thousands of patients, and true dedication are on your side –

I will always bring fresh approaches, creativity, and a model of your unique individual blueprint to the work. This is true partnership and confidence.

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